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“Frustrated with dull, aching, stabbing, or consistent pain? Feeling lethargic and sore? Tried everything? Not sure what will help anymore? Prefer something natural to help soothe and relax you? Want an alternative to medicine? Well, I’ve been there, I understand and so have created just what you need! Why not try my own homemade non-medicinal natural remedy, alleviating the pain and stress with bath salts StressEase by Esi?


Bath salts StressEase by Esi is my own bespoke enticing homemade bath salt creation. Produced by combining different beneficial types of bathing salt and including aromatic essential oils, I’ve found a way to naturally help alleviate pain and stress commonly associated with symptoms of suffering from sickle cell anemia.

(Equally can be used by anybody suffering from long or short-term illness, fatigue and pain be it temporary or permanent. Also good for tired parents and gym bodies!).

You’ll find my products contain replenished minerals Himalayan Sea salts, which are proven to help reduce inflammation, swelling, aches, and pain as well as the magnesium content which is also found in the Epsom salt also used to tackle tired aching muscles. Dead sea salt also plays a part in the mixture containing potassium helping to balance skin moisture, nourishing dry irritated skin, perfect for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. Essential oil Rosemary included, not only helps enhance the beautiful aroma but has been proven to fight fatigue and increase alertness – something sickle cell sufferers will inevitably suffer from due to the reduced amount of red blood cells produced and low life span of the cells. The Chamomile oil added is essential in name as used as it is considered pain relief in arthritis and back pain, as well as a natural wound healer including for ulcers and sores which sickle cell suffers can be prone to. Whilst the Lavender oil will help will feelings of stress and encourage a peaceful night’s sleep. Essential oil Frankincense is included, which helps by improving concentration and mood as well as anxiety, living with sickle cell be it at an acute or chronic level can be exceptionally challenging, and affect our mental state.
Jojoba oil is used as a base to protect the skin as a barrier, detoxing the body and leaving skin hydrated and softened. I’ve put my heart and soul into creating this beautiful mixture tailored to common symptoms sickle cell commonly presents, which has had raving reviews already, all that’s left is for you to try…


Home-made bath salts 300g, Home-made bath salts 500g

5 reviews for Home Made Bath Salts

  1. Summer

    I have suffered with back pain over a year now due to multiple failed epidurals and a spinal block nothing seemed to help until I tried this.. its honestly the best thing I’ve tried for my back, smells great too so worth the money !!😁

  2. Kwame P Eghan

    The bath salts really do help alleviate pain. I worked an 10 hour shift and my feet were aching. I ran a bath nd used the bath salts. After the bath the pin disappeared almost instantly!!! I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from muscle ache.

  3. Albert

    Anytime I feel the pain in my foot, then I use to relieve the pain. I should have bought more but I will buy some more defiantly.

  4. Reema

    10/10 for presentation honestly!!! They look, smell and feel lovely!!!

  5. Kyrnisha Belle-Ricketts

    These bath salts smell great, give pain relief and are just amazing. After suffering with lower back pain for years, after using these and getting out the bath, it feels like I have a new back! Great packaging too and I love the special touch of the spoon! Well done, great product!

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